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                    Most of the suspense has been revealed: see you on October 1

                    发表于 2020-10-10 23:59 | 查看:

                    Today is the last day of the National Day holiday, I do not know whether you play in front of the screen?

                    According to the current update, Apple will proceed on October 14

                    I'll take you through the inventory today and iPhone 12 all the exposure information. If you' re interested in this flagship phone, take a look.

                    In 2019, when 5g is the most popular year, everyone thinks that the iPhone 11 series will bring 5g technology to you.

                    But we found that Apple did only a little iPhone 11 than Android phones

                    I can only reply awkwardly: very good, can take ultra wide angle photos.


                    An overrated iPhone 11 series, from 2019 to 2020, shows that Android phones have grown so dramatically that each of us can seeFrom 90hz to 120Hz, fast charging, from 65W to 120W, 5g network, SA / NSA supports all.

                    We've seen an array of innovative android phones, and assuming apple snipe from last year, it's certainly not that global market share is falling.


                    To face this

                    High brushes, fast charging, 5g and so on should all be piled up on the mobile phone. It doesn't matter if the price is higher. The ecology is Apple's specialty, and good things are recognized by everyone.

                    All right, let's talk about something interesting and see what the exposure iPhone 12 this year is.

                    At present, the iPhone 12 is only one short of fast charging and high brush

                    Apple has held a conference earlier. Although we didn't see a new mobile phone, the new A14 chip really surprised us.


                    nm 5 chip has lower performance and power consumption than the previous generation,Using 6-core CPU, 4-core GPU and 11.8 billion transistors, 8.5 billion more than the previous generation.

                    At the same time, in terms of AI performance, A14 also has a lot of improvementNew 16 core neural engineThe number of cores is twice that of the previous generation, and the maximum number of cores can handle 11 trillion operations per second.

                    From a performance point of view iPhone 12 will climb another high building, and Apple will add a new technology to the image


                    Earlier, apple installed the lidar on the iPad pro. From the actual feedback effect, it has better help for AR scenes and other aspects.

                    Assuming that the technology


                    iPhone 12 will build a deep ecological and audio experience based on iOS 14, in addition to enhanced performance and video playability.

                    At present, IOS 14 has been officially released. Friends who want to experience it believe that they have also updated and downloaded. The redesigned widget can be more manageable, andFrom a certain aspect, it has improved our life efficiency, which can be regarded as a more humanized upgrade.

                    In audio, the new space audio brings more audio experience, this function can use dynamic head tracking to make sound all over the space, create immersive surround sound experience.


                    After a talk about the appearance of new products, from the current exposure, this year's iPhone 12 series will provide four models.IPhone 12, 12 max, 12 pro, and 12 Pro max.

                    Sharp-eyed friends should be able to see this year's exposure to apple will launch a 5.4-inch iPhone 12, this is the smallest iPhone, released in recent years can be regarded as a small screen party gospel.

                    In terms of design, the iPhone 12 will be all metal frame, and old users should be familiar with this design. The iPhone 4S was the most classic product.

                    All in all, iPhone 12 will be a product you can remember or fall in love with at a glance, which is beyond doubt.


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